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To Aspiring Artists

It is interesting to me, how many artists ask me to see their work. I want to say this to you. There is no one more authorized than "YOU" to tell you what is "good enough", because deep down you already know.

As an artist you have an innate sense of what thought is needed to be expressed or what detail of this big world needs to be recognized. I believe God has given us all a special gift.

Some gifts are faster, more knowledgeable, some have more or less talent, or are simply just different.
All I know is all gifts are important and all gifts are needed. It is this tapestry of gifts that create a community. There is enough room for everyone.

When it comes down to it, the question is, how much work are willing to do to make your dream come true? Would you do it for free? Make a plan of how you can realistically get to living your dream. Then do it, don't give up, talk to people, tell them your dream. Be prepared, for when the opportunity comes you'll be ready.

I believe God gave me this gift (just as he gave you), and who am I to say whether this gift is great or not. It is simply my job (and your job) to honor it and to be thankful for this gift. How?.. to work very hard at it, and to do "good works" with it…and then leave the future in God's hands.

God bless you.



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