Elizabeth Erazo Baez  
Puerto Rican Artist
(305) 338-1844

Elizabeth Erazo Baez Featured in Puerto Rico Places To Go 2008/2009
Yearly guide for those who like to travel both on and off the beaten path.

"Palomino Beach"
Puerto Rico
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"Piña y los plátanos"
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Elizabeth Erazo Baez


Artist, Elizabeth Erazo Baez, remembers. She remembers the lush green countryside of Puerto Rico and the brilliant blue sky. Meticulously painted, the landscapes have been transported onto Baez’s canvases. They have become a permanent breath of fresh air.The paintings beacon us to be still and yet remember the backdrop of daily life. There is peace in the mountaintops, peace in the monuments, peace in the hearts of all those who partake in Puerto Rico’s timeless traditions. Palm trees wave gently in the wind and the perfect mango begs to be opened and enjoyed.

Baez stands out as an artist because of her ability to take a memory and bring it alive. To recreate a feeling is an art in itself. To remind us of our youth is priceless. Israel Pabón, President of the Puerto Rican Organization for Cultural Enhancement and Reaffirmation, Inc. known as the PROCER Organization, says, "Elizabeth's art awakes in me the most tender and nostalgic remembrances of my childhood in the mountains of Puerto Rico: the people; the folklore; our traditions... Is like seeing everything again, like the feelings emanates from her paintings and find their way through my eyes into my heart." Love of family speaks in a universal language.

Baez shares her memories from the heart, that is why the viewer can see their own family in her paintings. Both painter and patron are speaking to one another from heart to heart. To see more of Baez's work, visit online at www.BaezFineArt.com.

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