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May 6th reception turned out to be a great success!

Citibank pulled out all the stops, everything was perfect down to the very last detail! There was latin jazz music and the event was catered to a present a very colorful and pleasant tropical evening. It is estimated over 100 people came. The painting "Yunque Forest" received reviews like "it's very peaceful and calming" and "Jibarita Pastelera" and "Las Tías" delivered their message of nostalia of a home cooked pasteles with love.

I was even surprised with a beautiful duet "Preciosa" sung by mother Ms. Rivera and daughter Meredith Rivera. I felt like Royalty.

Many thank you's to Citibank's Frank Pages an excellent host; Yisbel Cabrera and Lourdes Folgosa and to all those who participated to make such a memorable evening! : )

"Tropical Rhythms, Colors and Light Collection"
an exciting art exhibition by Artist Elizabeth Erazo Baez

Citibank Financial Center
1600 Coral Way
Miami, Florida 33145

Elizabeth Erazo Baez    •    (305) 338-1844    •    www.baezfineart.com    •    baez@baezfineart.com

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