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Elizabeth E. Baez Puerto Rican Artist



Mike Rios, Pres. Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County; Luis De Rosa, Pres. South Fl Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce and Chair of HAGC-South Region; Richard Robles, Esquire & Pres. Puerto Rican Bar Association of Florida; Paul Velez, Chief Administrative Officer-Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade; Luis “Lefty” Perez, Salsa Artist, Lisa M. Pietri, Pres. NHCA-U.S. South, Melvin “Skip” Chaves, Founding Chairperson South FL Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce; Armando “Mandy” Llanes, Chairman-Hialeah Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Lilliam M. Lopez, Pres. South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Elizabeth Erazo Baez, Artist and President of National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, Inc., NACOPRW-Miami Chapter; Nilsa Velazquez, Pres. & CEO-KIDCO Child Care; Lynn Ponder, Founder WebCityGirls.com. Missing on photo: Marvin Cordero, Admin Community Affairs-Jackson Health System; Wilfredo Seda, Pres.-Nat’l Congress for Puerto Rican Rights; Mimi Capote, Marketing & Administrative Mgr.-Borinquen Health Care Center, and Patti Urban, Independent Contractor to the Medical Industry.


Unidos Hispanic Achievers 2012



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