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Elizabeth E. Baez Puerto Rican Artist



March 29 , 2003

Centro Cultural de Puerto en el Sur de la Florida, Inc.

Saturday, March 29, 2003


...."To be a woman Puerto Rican artist is simply an honor. I hope to honor you by representing our culture in its most beautiful colors. I hope when fellow Puerto Ricans are looking at my art, they are filled with good memories and with pride, saying Yes! I remember that place, that's my hometown or of course that's the Plena dance." I hope I can remind them, that we are from humble, loyal and generous people that love great music, tradition, and family.

Art is a gift to me that brings with it so more many blessings. To be able to observe, represent and participate in such a rich culture, filled with so many different people of so many beautiful colors, it is really a wonderful gift. The best part of being an artist is even when I share it, or even give it away, I always get back more in return. That's how come I know it is a gift from God. As with any blessing, any gift you share, you're always given back in abundance. So I thank the Lord for all the blessings He has given to me: my family, my art and my good friends, and an opportunity like to tonight to bring all my blessings and allow me to share them all with you."


Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church Social Hall

3331 NE 10th Terrace, Pompano Beach, Florida, 33064.

954-345-8328, José Luis Rodríguez, elgranpuma@hotmail.com (Broward & Palm Beach) or 305-271-2270, Susana Ortiz.


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