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Photo Spotlights

Norah Venegas, Jimmy Smits, Elizabeth Erazo Baez, & Gelyn Erazo

Gelyn Erazo, Olga Tañon & Elizabeth Erazo Baez

Mrs. and Mr. John Morales, Elizabeth Erazo Baez, & Gelyn Erazo

Elizabeth Erazo Baez, Tito Puente Jr. & Gelyn Erazo

Elizabeth Erazo Baez, Andy Garcia & Gelyn Erazo March 2010
After viewing a great film "City Island" highly recommend it, very funny! Starring Andy Garcia, my favorite actor!

Jeff Lindsay, Author Creator of "Dexter", Elizabeth Erazo Baez
and Hilary Hemingway Author, Hilary Hemingway co-wrote a feature screenplay with actor/director Andy Garcia, entitled Hemingway & Fuentes, a feature film about Ernest Hemingway's friendship with Cuban Captain Gregorio Fuentes during the last ten years Ernest spent on the island of Cuba.

Nuria Pardo Awesomeness Friend and me!

Miss Puerto Rico Alba Reyes ....isn't she beautiful!!Giberto Santa Rosa ...Puerto Rican RoyaltyNestorTorres is as  wonderfullygracious as he is talented.Elizabeth Girolt hosting interviewer of De Todo Un Poco, Channel 22Elvis Crespo was Suavemente Cool Edgar Lopez knows his sports

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